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Пресса об узкопроходных погрузчиках

Щелкните, чтобы увидеть увеличенную картинку. Пресса об узкопроходных погрузчиках.

June 1st 2005


Translift Bendi claims its new gas-powered Series 3 articulating forklift will outperform all competitors in its class particularly on space savings.

The two tonne capacity truck will lift one tonne to 9m, which Translift believes is higher than any similar spec truck, while working in 1.65m aisles 100mm less than its nearest competitor.

Patented 4x4 wheel drive makes it safer for outdoor work on slippery surfaces, and because of its rotating mast, side shift can be 1.65m-capable optional, according to the company. Translift MD, Simon Brown, says key selling points are also greater energy efficiency, due to its new oil cleaning system, a lower revving engine, and lower maintenance thanks to a brand new engine.

The emission system on the Series 3 reduces emissions by 95% while increasing fuel economy by 20%, says Translift.

Additionally, customers can choose compressed natural gas (CNG) which contains no benzene. According to the company, operators working trucks intensively around the clock will find the gas Bendi cheaper and more convenient than electric, which would require two expensive standby batteries and charging facilities.

According to Brown, the market potential for gaspowered articulated forklifts is worth 20% of the electric market, currently approaching 1,000 trucks a year. He believes this will grow as customers realise the cost advantages articulated trucks have over conventionally-built counterbalanced, reach and dedicated VNA trucks.

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