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Пресса об узкопроходных погрузчиках

Щелкните, чтобы увидеть увеличенную картинку. Пресса об узкопроходных погрузчиках.

March 1st 2004


Delivery of three gas-powered trucks to logistics provider the Widdowson Group has enabled it to respond to a request from a manufacturer and retailer of electrical goods for changes to the storage and handling of its product, and to vastly increase picking efficiency. Translift Engineerings Bendi Aisle-Master can operate around the clock in very narrow aisles, and the flexibility offered by lpg has eliminated lengthy battery charging. Gas stores on site mean operators are never more than minutes away from a convenient top-up. Aisle widths are down from
6 to 2m, and racking up to the roof height of 5.5m enables the warehouse to operate at maximum capacity, whereas only 65% use was previously achieved. The company now has 6300 single pick faces and Nick Abbott, senior operations manager, believes picking efficiency is up by 98%. Trucks can operate inside and out. Articulated design and cushion-tyred wheels ensure gradients around the site are not an obstacle to efficient performance. A three-way catalytic converter, and closed loop air fuel ratio control, reduce emissions by more than 95%.

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